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C. M. Narang Knee Replacement

I can do all activities after both my Knee Replacement. thanks i chose D. Kamal Bachani.

R.ray I'll always Greatfully Remember

I am very happy to have Known a doctor like you. The treatment you gave me has left a mark on my professional life, & II'll always Greatfully Remember you for this

Mrs & Mr. S. Puri Strongly Recomanded to other

Me & My Husband both have regained, both Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr. Kamal Bachani & happy to have done, Strongly Recomanded other to him Only.

Bibi shah, Afganistan Start Walking within

I am very happy to start walking within day of surgery & came back to Afganistan in 10 days time.

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Here are some of usefull videos about Do's & Dont's after surgery, as well as exercise and Video Testimonials

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