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Media News/Articles

Asian Hospital doctor operated critical cancer patient[All leading Newspapers]

Faridabad: Asian Hospital Doctors team operated a cancer patient and gave her new life. Dr Kamal Bachani, senior consultant and orthopedic head of the hospital told that the patient had life-threatening cancer, which spreads through the legs in other parts of the body. Dr Bachani said only 20 to 30 percent patients survived for five years from this disease.

Painless Joint Surgery[Women's Era October (2015)]

Minimally Invasive Surgery is often used as a tool to correct tendon tear (rotator cuff). labral defects (arthroscopic bankart), Bony Defects, Stiff Shoulder correction (arthroscopic arthrolusis) in non progressive cases.

Unable the first step towards painless walking[Women's Era October (2014)]

Arthroscopy Surgery manages meniscal lesions and corrects ligament defects, which enables to savee the joint from detriorating. In special cases, Cartilage Reconstruction can be carried out to save joints and avoid replacement surgery.